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[pahy-uh-jen-ik] /ˌpaɪ əˈdʒɛn ɪk/

adjective, Pathology.
producing or generating pus.
attended with or pertaining to the formation of pus.

1840s, from pyogenesis, medical Latin, from pyo- “pus” + genesis.

pyogenic py·o·gen·ic (pī’ə-jěn’ĭk)


Read Also:

  • Pyohemia

    pyohemia py·o·he·mi·a (pī’ə-hē’mē-ə) n. See pyemia.

  • Pyohemothorax

    pyohemothorax py·o·he·mo·tho·rax (pī’ō-hē’mə-thôr’āks’) n. The presence of pus and blood in the pleural cavity.

  • Pyoid

    [pahy-oid] /ˈpaɪ ɔɪd/ adjective, Pathology. 1. pertaining to pus; puslike. /ˈpaɪɔɪd/ adjective 1. resembling pus pyoid py·oid (pī’oid) adj. Of or resembling pus.

  • Pyolabyrinthitis

    pyolabyrinthitis py·o·lab·y·rin·thi·tis (pī’ō-lāb’ə-rĭn-thī’tĭs) n. Suppurative inflammation of the labyrinth of the ear.

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