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pyopneumothorax py·o·pneu·mo·tho·rax (pī’ō-nōō’mō-thôr’āks’, -nyōō’-)
The presence of gas and pus in the pleural cavity. Also called pneumopyothorax.


Read Also:

  • Pyopoietic

    pyopoietic py·o·poi·et·ic (pī’ō-poi-ět’ĭk) adj. Producing pus.

  • Pyoptysis

    pyoptysis py·op·ty·sis (pī-ŏp’tĭ-sĭs) n. The spitting of pus.

  • Pyopyelectasis

    pyopyelectasis py·o·py·e·lec·ta·sis (pī’ō-pī’ə-lěk’tə-sĭs) n. Dilation of the pelvis of the kidney as a result of suppurative inflammation.

  • Pyorrhea

    [pahy-uh-ree-uh] /ˌpaɪ əˈri ə/ noun 1. Pathology. a discharge of pus. 2. Also called pyorrhea alveolaris [al-vee-uh-lar-is] /ælˌvi əˈlær ɪs/ (Show IPA), Riggs’ disease. Dentistry. a chronic form of periodontitis occurring in various degrees of severity, characterized in its severe forms by the formation of pus in the pockets between the roots of the teeth […]

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