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[pahy-oh-thawr-aks, -thohr-] /ˌpaɪ oʊˈθɔr æks, -ˈθoʊr-/

noun, Pathology.

pyothorax py·o·tho·rax (pī’ə-thôr’āks’)
Empyema in a plural cavity.


Read Also:

  • Pyourachus

    pyourachus py·o·u·ra·chus (pī’ō-yur’ə-kəs) n. An accumulation of pus in the urachus of a fetus.

  • Pyoureter

    [pahy-oh-yoo-ree-ter] /ˌpaɪ oʊ yʊˈri tər/ noun, Pathology. 1. distention of a with pus. pyoureter py·o·u·re·ter (pī’ō-yu-rē’tər, -yur’ĭ-tər) n. Distention of a ureter with pus.

  • Pyr

    1. variant of , used before h or a vowel: pyran. combining form 1. a variant of pyro- pyr- pref. Variant of pyro-. pyrimidine

  • Pyracanth

    n. thorny shrub of the apple family, 1660s, from Modern Latin genus name Pyracantha, from Greek pyrakantha (Dioscorides), a plant named but not described, from pyr- “fire” (see fire (n.)) + akantha “thorn, thorny plant,” from PIE root *ak- “sharp, pointed” (see acrid).

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