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Pyramidal muscle

pyramidal muscle n.
A muscle with origin from the crest of the pubis, with insertion into the lower portion of the linea alba, with nerve supply from the last thoracic nerve, and whose action makes the linea alba tense.


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  • Pyramidal orchid

    noun 1. a chalk-loving orchid, Anacamptis pyramidalis, bearing a dense cone-shaped spike of purplish-pink flowers with a long curved spur

  • Pyramidal muscle of auricle

    pyramidal muscle of auricle n. An occasional prolongation of the fibers of the muscle of the tragus to the spine of the helix.

  • Pyramidal peak

    noun 1. (geology) a sharp peak formed where the ridges separating three or more cirques intersect; horn

  • Pyramidal radiation

    pyramidal radiation n. The white fibers passing from the cortex of the brain to the pyramidal tract.

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