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[pir-uh-mid-i-kuh l] /ˌpɪr əˈmɪd ɪ kəl/



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  • Pyramid of light

    pyramid of light n. A triangular area of reflected light at the lower part of the eardrum seen on examination of the ear.

  • Pyramid of medulla oblongata

    pyramid of medulla oblongata n. An elongated white prominence on the ventral surface of the medulla oblongata on either side along the anterior median fissure, corresponding to the pyramidal tract. Also called anterior pyramid.

  • Pyramid of tympanum

    pyramid of tympanum n. A hollow conical projection behind the vestibular window in the middle ear, containing the stapedius muscle.

  • Pyramids

    [pir-uh-mid] /ˈpɪr ə mɪd/ noun 1. Architecture. 2. anything of such form. 3. a number of persons or things arranged or heaped up in this manner: a pyramid of acrobats; a pyramid of boxes. 4. a system or structure resembling a pyramid, as in hierarchical form. 5. Geometry. a solid having a polygonal base, and […]

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