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[pir-i-doh-stig-meen] /ˌpɪr ɪ doʊˈstɪg min/

noun, Pharmacology.
a cholinesterase inhibitor, C 9 H 1 3 BrN 2 O 2 , used in its bromide form in the treatment of myasthenia gravis.


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  • Pyridoxal

    /ˌpɪrɪˈdɒksəl/ noun 1. (biochem) a naturally occurring derivative of pyridoxine that is a precursor of a coenzyme (pyridoxal phosphate) involved in several enzymic reactions. Formula: (CH2OH)(CHO)C5HN(OH)(CH3) pyridoxal pyr·i·dox·al (pĭr’ĭ-dŏk’səl) n. An aldehyde that is one of several active forms of pyridoxine and is important in amino acid synthesis.

  • Pyridoxal 5-phosphate

    pyridoxal 5-phosphate n. The phosphate form of pyridoxal that is a coenzyme belonging to the vitamin B6 group and is essential to many reactions in tissue, such as amino acid decarboxylations.

  • Pyridoxamine

    /ˌpɪrɪˈdɒksəmiːn/ noun 1. (biochem) a metabolic form of pyridoxine pyridoxamine pyr·i·dox·a·mine (pĭr’ĭ-dŏk’sə-mēn’) n. A crystalline amine that is one of several active forms of pyridoxine and is important in protein metabolism.

  • Pyridoxine

    [pir-i-dok-seen, -sin] /ˌpɪr ɪˈdɒk sin, -sɪn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a derivative of , C 8 H 1 1 NO 3 , occurring in whole-grain cereals, meats, fish, etc., and also made synthetically: required for the prevention of pellagra and the formation of hemoglobin; vitamin B 6 . /ˌpɪrɪˈdɒksiːn/ noun 1. (biochem) a derivative of pyridine […]

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