Latin quare clausum fregit (wherefore he broke the close, that is, trespass)

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  • Qcif

    Quarter CIF

  • Q-clearance

    noun 1. (in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) the highest level of security clearance, permitting access to secret information, documents, etc., relating to nuclear research.

  • Qcpp

    quality control program plan

  • Q.d.

    1. (in prescriptions) every day. q.d. abbr. Latin quaque die (every day) Latin quaque die (every day) Latin quasi dictat (as if he should say)

  • Qdjanus

    A Janus-to-Prolog compiler by Saumya Debray debray@cs.arizona.edu. It is meant to be used with Sicstus Prolog and is mostly compliant with “Programming in Janus” by Saraswat, Kahn, and Levy. Latest version: 1.3. (ftp://cs.arizona.edu/janus/qdjanus/). (1992-05-18)

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