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(in prescriptions) as much as you please.
Latin quantum placet (as much as you please)


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  • Qpe

    language 1. A two-dimensional pictorial query language. [“Pictorial Information Systems”, S.K. Chang et al eds, Springer 1980]. [Q-systems. A. Colmerauer, 1969]. 2. A rewrite system with one-way unification, used for English-French translation. It led to Prolog. [“The Birth of Prolog” A. Colmerauer et al, SIGPLAN Notices 28(3):37-52 March 1993]. (2003-12-25)

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    1. questions. 1. quartos. questions quartos

  • Qqv

    plural qq.v. 1. (in formal writing) which see. abbreviation 1. quae vide (denoting a cross-reference to more than one item) Compare qv Latin quod vide (which see)

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