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[kah-tahr, kuh-tahr] /ˈkɑ tɑr, kəˈtɑr/

an independent emirate on the Persian Gulf; under British protection until 1971. 8500 sq. mi. (22,000 sq. km).
Capital: Doha.
of or relating to Qatar or its inhabitants
a native or inhabitant of Qatar
a state in E Arabia, occupying a peninsula in the Persian Gulf: under Persian rule until the 19th century; became a British protectorate in 1916; declared independence in 1971; exports petroleum and natural gas. Official language: Arabic. Official religion: (Sunni) Muslim. Currency: riyal. Capital: Doha. Pop: 2 042 444 (2013 est). Area: about 11 000 sq km (4250 sq miles)

probably from Arabic katran “tar, resin,” in reference to petroleum. Related: Qatari.
Qatar [(kah-tahr, kuh-tahr)]

Kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula, located on a small peninsula extending into the Persian Gulf, bordered to the south by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Note: Qatar was a British protectorate from 1916 to 1971.

Note: It has successfully exploited its oil reserves since 1949.


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