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quality improvement team


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  • Qishm

    [kish-uh m] /ˈkɪʃ əm/ noun 1. an island S of and belonging to Iran, in the Strait of Hormuz. 68 miles (109 km) long; about 510 sq. mi. (1320 sq. km). /ˈkɪʃəm/ noun 1. a variant of Qeshm

  • Quad-left

    adjective 1. (in computer typesetting) flush left.

  • Quadplay

    /ˈkwɒdˌpleɪ/ noun 1. another name for fourplay

  • Quadplex

    [kwod-pleks] /ˈkwɒdˌplɛks/ adjective 1. fourfold; quadruple. noun 2. Also called fourplex. a building having four dwelling or commercial units.

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