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  • Qlog

    A version of Prolog implemented in Lisp which allows Prolog programs to call Lisp and vice versa. [“QLOG – The Programming Environment for Prolog in LISP”, H.J. Komorowski in Logic Prgramming, K.L. Clark et al eds, Academic Press 1982]. (1995-01-25)

  • Qlisp

    1. SRI 1973. General problem solving, influenced by PLANNER. QA4 features merged with INTERLISP. [“QLISP – A Language for the Interactive Development of Complex Systems”, E. Sacerdoti et al, NCC 45:349-356, AFIPS, 1976]. 2. A parallel LISP. [“Qlisp”, R. Gabriel et al in Parallel Computation and Computers for AI, J. Kowalik ed, 1988, pp.63-89]. (1999-10-12)

  • Qlty.

    1. . quality

  • QM

    1. Also, Q.M. . 2. Physics. . 1. (in prescriptions) every morning. abbreviation 1. Quartermaster abbreviation (in prescriptions) 1. quaque mane quartermaster Latin quaque mane (every morning)

  • Q.m.

    1. (in prescriptions) every morning. abbreviation (in prescriptions) 1. quaque mane Latin quaque mane (every morning)

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