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[kwo-draf-uh-nee] /kwɒˈdræf ə ni/

high-fidelity sound reproduction involving signals transmitted through four different channels.


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    [kwod-ruh t] /ˈkwɒd rət/ noun 1. Printing. 2 (def 1). 2. Ecology. a square or rectangular plot of land marked off for the study of plants and animals. /ˈkwɒdrət/ noun 1. (ecology) an area of vegetation, often one square metre, marked out for study of the plants in the surrounding area 2. the frame used […]

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    [kwod-ruh-fon-ik] /ˌkwɒd rəˈfɒn ɪk/ adjective 1. of, noting, or pertaining to the recording and reproduction of sound over four separate transmission or direct reproduction channels instead of the customary two of the stereo system: a quadraphonic recording. adj. 1969, irregular formation from quadri- “four” + phonic, from Greek phone “sound, voice” (see fame (n.)). The […]

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    quadrate foramen n. See foramen of vena cava.

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