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quadrigeminal quad·ri·gem·i·nal (kwŏd’rə-jěm’ə-nəl)
Consisting of four parts; fourfold.


Read Also:

  • Quadrigatus

    [kwod-ri-gey-tuh s] /ˌkwɒd rɪˈgeɪ təs/ noun, plural quadrigati [kwod-ri-gey-tahy] /ˌkwɒd rɪˈgeɪ taɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. a silver coin of ancient Rome, bearing an image of Jupiter in a quadriga on the reverse.

  • Quadrigeminal rhythm

    quadrigeminal rhythm n. A cardiac dysrhythmia in which heartbeats occur in groups of four, usually composed of one sinus beat followed by three extrasystolic beats.

  • Quadrigeminal body

    quadrigeminal body n. Either of the eminences that together form the lamina tecti mesencephali and are designated inferior and anterior.

  • Quadrigeminum

    quadrigeminum quad·ri·gem·i·num (kwŏd’rə-jěm’ə-nəm) n. One of the quadrigeminal bodies of the mesencephalon.

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