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[kwo-driv-ee-uh m] /kwɒˈdrɪv i əm/

noun, plural quadrivia
[kwo-driv-ee-uh] /kwɒˈdrɪv i ə/ (Show IPA)
(during the Middle Ages) the more advanced division of the seven liberal arts, comprising arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.
noun (pl) -ia (-ɪə)
(in medieval learning) the higher division of the seven liberal arts, consisting of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music Compare trivium

“arithmetic, music, geometry, astronomy,” 1804 (see liberal arts), from Latin quadrivium, which meant “place where four roads meet, crossroads,” from quadri- “four” (see quadri-) + via “way, road, channel, course” (see via). The adjective quadrivial is attested from late 15c. in English with the sense “having four roads.”


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