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[kwo-druhm-ver] /kwɒˈdrʌm vər/

a member of a quadrumvirate.


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  • Quadded

    [kwod] /kwɒd/ Printing. noun 1. Also called quadrat. a piece of type metal of less height than the lettered types, serving to cause a blank in printed matter, used for spacing. verb (used with object), quadded, quadding. 2. to space out (matter) by means of quads. /kwɒd/ noun 1. short for quadrangle (sense 2) /kwɒd/ […]

  • Quadrupedal

    [kwod-roo-ped] /ˈkwɒd rʊˌpɛd/ adjective 1. . noun 2. an animal, especially a mammal, having four feet. /ˈkwɒdrʊˌpɛd/ noun 1. an animal, esp a mammal, that has all four limbs specialized for walking adjective 2. having four feet n. 1640s, from French quadrupède (16c.), from Latin quadrupes (genitive quadrupedis) “four-footed, on all fours,” also, as a […]

  • Quadruple

    [kwo-droo-puh l, -druhp-uh l, kwod-roo-puh l] /kwɒˈdru pəl, -ˈdrʌp əl, ˈkwɒd rʊ pəl/ adjective 1. fourfold; consisting of four parts: a quadruple alliance. 2. four times as great. 3. Music. having four beats to a measure. noun 4. a number, amount, etc., four times as great as another. 5. something, as a series of acrobatic […]

  • Quadruple bucky

    Obsolete. 1. On an MIT space-cadet keyboard, use of all four of the shifting keys (control, meta, hyper, and super) while typing a character key. 2. On a Stanford or MIT keyboard in raw mode, use of four shift keys while typing a fifth character, where the four shift keys are the control and meta […]

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