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See quadruple double


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  • Quadruple-run

    noun, Cribbage. 1. a set of five cards consisting of a three-card run plus two other cards that duplicate different denominations in the run, as 5,5,6,6,7, worth 16 points.

  • Quadruplet

    [kwo-druhp-lit, -droo-plit, kwod-roo-plit] /kwɒˈdrʌp lɪt, -ˈdru plɪt, ˈkwɒd rʊ plɪt/ noun 1. any group or combination of four. 2. quadruplets, four children or offspring born of one pregnancy. 3. one of four such children or offspring. 4. Music. a group of four notes of equal value performed in the time normally taken for three. /ˈkwɒdrʊplɪt; […]

  • Quadruple-time

    noun, Music. 1. a measure consisting of four beats or pulses with accent on the first and third. 2. the rhythm created by use of this measure. noun 1. musical time in which there are four beats in each bar

  • Quadruplex

    [kwod-roo-pleks, kwo-droo-pleks] /ˈkwɒd rʊˌplɛks, kwɒˈdru plɛks/ adjective 1. fourfold; quadruple. 2. noting or pertaining to a system of telegraphy by which four messages may be transmitted simultaneously over one wire or communications channel. /ˈkwɒdrʊˌplɛks; kwɒˈdruːplɛks/ adjective 1. consisting of four parts; fourfold 2. denoting a type of television video tape recorder having four transversely rotating […]

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