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[kwol-uh-fahy-er] /ˈkwɒl əˌfaɪ ər/

a person or thing that qualifies.

a person or thing that qualifies, esp a contestant in a competition who wins a preliminary heat or contest and so earns the right to take part in the next round
a preliminary heat or contest
(grammar) another word for modifier (sense 1)

1560s, agent noun from qualify. Grammatical sense is from 1580s.


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  • Qualify

    [kwol-uh-fahy] /ˈkwɒl əˌfaɪ/ verb (used with object), qualified, qualifying. 1. to provide with proper or necessary skills, knowledge, credentials, etc.; make competent: to qualify oneself for a job. 2. to modify or limit in some way; make less strong or positive: to qualify an endorsement. 3. Grammar. to modify. 4. to make less violent, severe, […]

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    [kwol-i-tey-tiv] /ˈkwɒl ɪˌteɪ tɪv/ adjective 1. pertaining to or concerned with quality or qualities. /ˈkwɒlɪtətɪv; -ˌteɪ-/ adjective 1. involving or relating to distinctions based on quality or qualities Compare quantitative adj. early 15c., “that produces a (physical) quality,” from Medieval Latin qualitativus “relating to quality,” from stem of Latin qualitas “a quality, property, nature” (see […]

  • Qualitative-analysis

    noun, Chemistry. 1. the analysis of a substance in order to ascertain the nature of its chemical constituents. noun 1. See analysis (sense 4) qualitative analysis qual·i·ta·tive analysis (kwŏl’ĭ-tā’tĭv) n. The testing of a substance or mixture to determine the characteristics of its chemical constituents. qualitative analysis (kwŏl’ĭ-tā’tĭv) See under analysis.

  • Qualitative identity

    noun 1. (logic) the relation that holds between two relata that have properties in common. This term is used to distinguish many uses of the words identical or same in ordinary language from strict identity or numerical identity

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