[kwon-tuh] /ˈkwɒn tə/

plural of .
[kwon-tuh m] /ˈkwɒn təm/
noun, plural quanta
[kwon-tuh] /ˈkwɒn tə/ (Show IPA)
quantity or amount:
the least quantum of evidence.
a particular amount.
a share or portion.
a large quantity; bulk.

sudden and significant:
a quantum increase in productivity.
the plural of quantum
noun (pl) -ta (-tə)

amount or quantity, esp a specific amount
(often used with a negative) the least possible amount that can suffice: there is not a quantum of evidence for your accusation
something that can be quantified or measured
(modifier) loosely, sudden, spectacular, or vitally important: a quantum improvement

1610s, “one’s share or portion,” from Latin quantum (plural quanta) “as much as, so much as; how much? how far? how great an extent?” neuter singular of correlative pronomial adjective quantus “as much” (see quantity). Introduced in physics directly from Latin by Max Planck, 1900; reinforced by Einstein, 1905. Quantum theory is from 1912; quantum mechanics, 1922; quantum jump is first recorded 1954; quantum leap, 1963, often figurative.

quantum quan·tum (kwŏn’təm)
n. pl. quan·ta (-tə)

Plural quanta
A discrete, indivisible manifestation of a physical property, such as a force or angular momentum. Some quanta take the form of elementary particles; for example, the quantum of electromagnetic radiation is the photon, while the quanta of the weak force are the W and Z particles. See also quantum state.
quanta [(kwahn-tuh)]

sing. quantum

In physics, discrete bundles in which radiation and other forms of energy occur. For example, in the Bohr atom, light is sent out in quanta called photons. (See quantum mechanics.)

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