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the application of quantum mechanics to the study of chemical phenomena.


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  • Quantum-chromodynamics

    noun, Physics. 1. a quantum field theory that describes quarks and gluons and their interactions, with the color of the quarks playing a role analogous to that of electric charge. Abbreviation: QCD. Also called chromodynamics. Compare (def 18). noun 1. (physics) a theory describing the strong interaction in terms of quarks and gluons, with the […]

  • Quantum-computer

    noun 1. a computer that makes use of the quantum states of electrons or other particles to store and process information as quantum bits. noun 1. a type of computer which uses the ability of quantum systems to be in many different states at once, thus allowing it to perform many different computations simultaneously quantum […]

  • Quantum cryptography

    noun 1. a method of coding information based on quantum mechanics, which is said to be unbreakable

  • Quantum dot

    physics (Or “single-electron transistor”) A location capable of containing a single electrical charge; i.e., a single electron of Coulomb charge. Physically, quantum dots are nanometer-size semiconductor structures in which the presence or absence of a quantum electron can be used to store information. See also: quantum cell, quantum cell wire, quantum-dot cellular automata. (http://www-mtl.mit.edu/MTL/bulletin/v6n2/Kumar.html). [“Quantum […]

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