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Quantum meruit

as much as he has earned: denoting a payment for goods or services in partial fulfilment of a contract or for those supplied when no price has been agreed


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  • Quantum-number

    noun, Physics. 1. any integer or half of an odd integer that distinguishes one of the discrete states of a quantum-mechanical system. 2. any number that distinguishes among different members of a family of elementary particles. noun 1. (physics) one of a set of integers or half-integers characterizing the energy states of a particle or […]

  • Quantum-optics

    noun 1. the branch of optics dealing with light as a stream of photons, each possessing a quantum of energy proportional to the frequency of light when it is considered as a wave motion.

  • Quantum-state

    noun, Physics. 1. the condition in which a physical system exists, usually described by a wave function or a set of quantum numbers. noun 1. (physics) a state of a system characterized by a set of quantum numbers and represented by an eigenfunction. The energy of each state is precise within the limits imposed by […]

  • Quantum-statistics

    noun, Physics, Chemistry. 1. the branch of statistical mechanics that incorporates quantum mechanics. noun 1. (functioning as sing) (physics) statistics concerned with the distribution of a number of identical elementary particles, atoms, ions, or molecules among possible quantum states quantum statistics Any of various kinds of statistical mechanics that assume quantum mechanical behavior of particles.

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