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[mee-dee-ee-vuh l, med-ee-, mid-ee-, mid-ee-vuh l] /ˌmi diˈi vəl, ˌmɛd i-, ˌmɪd i-, mɪdˈi vəl/

of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or in the style of the Middle Ages:
medieval architecture.
Compare .
Informal. extremely old-fashioned; primitive.
of, relating to, or in the style of the Middle Ages
(informal) old-fashioned; primitive

1827, “pertaining to or suggestive of the Middle Ages,” coined in English from Latin medium “the middle” (see medium (n.)) + aevum “age” (see eon).

A descriptive term for people, objects, events, and institutions of the Middle Ages.

Note: “Medieval” is sometimes used as a term of disapproval for outdated ideas and customs. It may suggest inhuman practices, such as torture of prisoners. (See Inquisition.)


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