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[sfer-i-kuh l, sfeer-] /ˈsfɛr ɪ kəl, ˈsfɪər-/

having the form of a ; globular.
formed in or on a , as a figure.
of or relating to a or .
pertaining to the heavenly bodies, or to their supposed revolving or shells.
pertaining to the heavenly bodies regarded astrologically as exerting influence on humankind and events.
shaped like a sphere
of or relating to a sphere: spherical geometry
(geometry) formed on the surface of or inside a sphere: a spherical triangle


1520s, from sphere + -ical.

spherical spher·i·cal (sfēr’ĭ-kəl, sfěr’-)
Having the shape of or approximating a sphere; globular.
spher’i·cal·ness n.


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