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[kwee-zee] /ˈkwi zi/

adjective, queasier, queasiest.
inclined to or feeling nausea, as the stomach, a person, etc.; nauseous; nauseated.
tending to cause nausea; nauseating.
uneasy or uncomfortable, as feelings, the conscience, etc.
squeamish; excessively fastidious.
adjective -sier, -siest
having the feeling that one is about to vomit; nauseous
feeling or causing uneasiness: a queasy conscience

mid-15c., kyse, coysy, of uncertain origin, possibly from a Scandinavian source, cf. Old Norse kveisa “boil,” perhaps influenced by Anglo-French queisier, from Old French coisier “to wound, hurt, make uneasy,” which seems to be from the same Germanic root as kveisa. But the history is obscure and evidences of development are wanting. Related: Queasily; queasiness.

queasy quea·sy or quea·zy (kwē’zē)
adj. quea·si·er or quea·zi·er, quea·si·est or quea·zi·est


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