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Queen of puddings

a pudding made of moist but firm breadcrumb and custard mixture topped with jam and meringue


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  • Queen-of-the-prairie

    noun 1. a tall plant, Filipendula rubra, of the rose family, having branching clusters of pink flowers, growing in meadows and prairies.

  • Queen-olive

    noun 1. any large, meaty olive suitable for pickling or processing. 2. such an olive grown especially in the area of Seville, Spain. noun 1. a variety of olive having large fleshy fruit suitable for pickling, esp one from around Seville in Spain

  • Queen-palm

    noun 1. a feather palm, Arecastrum romanzoffianum, of South America, having leaves from 7 to 12 feet (2 to 3½ meters) in length, and large, hanging clusters of small fruit.

  • Queen-post

    noun 1. either of a pair of timbers or posts extending vertically upward from the tie beam of a roof truss or the like, one on each side of the center. noun 1. one of a pair of vertical posts that connect the tie beam of a truss to the principal rafters Compare king post

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