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Queens problem

Eight Queens Puzzle


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  • Queenstown

    [kweenz-toun] /ˈkwinzˌtaʊn/ noun 1. former name of . /ˈkwiːnzˌtaʊn/ noun 1. the former name (1849–1922) of Cóbh

  • Queens puzzle

    Eight Queens Puzzle

  • Queen street farmer

    noun 1. (NZ) a businessman who runs a farm, often for a tax loss

  • Queen-substance

    noun 1. a pheromone secreted from the mandibular glands of a queen honeybee and smelled, eaten, and absorbed by the worker bees, having the effect of preventing them from producing or rearing rival queens. noun 1. a pheromone secreted by queen honeybees and consumed by the workers, in whom it causes suppression of egg-laying

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