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Quellung phenomenon

quellung phenomenon quel·lung phenomenon (kwěl’əng, kvěl’ung)
See Neufeld capsular swelling.


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  • Quellung reaction

    quellung reaction n. See Neufeld capsular swelling.

  • Quellung test

    quellung test n. See Neufeld capsular swelling.

  • Quelque-chose

    [kel-kuh-shohz] /ˌkɛl kəˈʃoʊz/ noun 1. .

  • Quem

    [ahd kwem; English ad kwem] /ɑd ˈkwɛm; English æd ˈkwɛm/ Latin. 1. at or to which; the end toward which something tends. [ter-mi-noo s ahd kwem; English tur-muh-nuh s ad kwem] /ˈtɛr mɪˌnʊs ɑd ˈkwɛm; English ˈtɜr mə nəs æd ˈkwɛm/ noun, Latin. 1. the end to which; aim; goal; final or latest limiting point. […]

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