[kwur-si-tin] /ˈkwɜr sɪ tɪn/

noun, Chemistry.
a yellow, crystalline, slightly water-soluble powder, C 1 5 H 1 0 O 7 , obtained from the bark of the quercitron and other vegetable substances, used as a yellow dye; flavin.
a yellow crystalline pigment found naturally in the rind and bark of many plants. It is used in medicine to treat fragile capillaries. Formula: C15H10O7; melting pt: 316–7°C Also called flavin

quercetin quer·ce·tin (kwûr’sĭ-tĭn)
A yellow powdered crystalline compound produced synthetically or occurring as a glycoside in the rind and bark of numerous plants, used medicinally to treat abnormal capillary fragility. Also called meletin.

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