[kwer-uh-luh s, kwer-yuh-] /ˈkwɛr ə ləs, ˈkwɛr yə-/

full of complaints; complaining.
characterized by or uttered in complaint; peevish:
a querulous tone; constant querulous reminders of things to be done.
/ˈkwɛrʊləs; ˈkwɛrjʊ-/
inclined to make whining or peevish complaints
characterized by or proceeding from a complaining fretful attitude or disposition: a querulous tone

c.1400, from Old French querelos “quarrelsome, argumentative” and directly from Late Latin querulosus, from Latin querulus “full of complaints, complaining,” from queri “to complain.” Retains the original vowel of quarrel (n.1). Related: Querulously; querulousness.

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