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[kwes-chuh n-lis] /ˈkwɛs tʃən lɪs/

unquestionable; doubtless:
a questionless fact.
questionless faith in God.
without ; unquestionably.
blindly adhering, as to a principle or course of action; unquestioning
a less common word for unquestionable


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  • Question-mark

    noun 1. Also called interrogation point, interrogation mark. a mark indicating a question: usually, as in English, the mark (?) placed after a question. 2. something unanswered or unknown: His identity is still a question mark to most of us. 3. an anglewing butterfly, Polygonia interrogationis, having silver spots shaped like a question mark on […]

  • Questionmaster

    [kwes-chuh n-mas-ter, -mah-ster] /ˈkwɛs tʃənˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər/ noun, British. 1. .

  • Questionnaire

    [kwes-chuh-nair] /ˌkwɛs tʃəˈnɛər/ noun 1. a list of questions, usually printed, submitted for replies that can be analyzed for usable information: a questionnaire used in market research. /ˌkwɛstʃəˈnɛə; ˌkɛs-/ noun 1. a set of questions on a form, submitted to a number of people in order to collect statistical information n. 1901, from French questionnaire […]

  • Question-of-fact

    noun 1. a question concerning the reality of an alleged event or circumstance in a trial by jury, usually determined by the jury.

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