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being nimble with one’s hands; by extension, being able to steal easily

I saw his quick-fingered bluegrass runs on guitar.
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    [kwik-fahyuh r] /ˈkwɪkˈfaɪər/ adjective 1. firing or equipped for firing rapidly, especially at moving targets. noun 1. a single shot or several shots fired at a rapid rate from small arms at a target, especially one presented unexpectedly. noun 1. rapid continuous gunfire, esp at a moving target adjective 2. Also quick-firing. capable of or […]

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    noun, Informal. 1. an expedient, temporary solution, especially one that merely postpones having to cope with an overall problem. noun phrase A hasty repair or relief job: He called my idea a quick fix at best, but he’d do it [1966+; fr fix as ”repair” influenced by fix as ”dose of narcotics”]

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    noun 1. the couch grass, Agropyron repens. noun 1. another name for couch grass

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