(def 2).

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  • Quill-driver

    noun, Facetious. 1. a person who does a great deal of writing.

  • Quillback

    [kwil-bak] /ˈkwɪlˌbæk/ noun, plural quillbacks (especially collectively) quillback. 1. a carpsucker, Carpiodes cyprinus, inhabiting waters in the central and eastern U.S., having one ray of the dorsal fin greatly elongated.

  • Quilled

    [kwild] /kwɪld/ adjective 1. rolled or incurved into a narrow tubular form. [kwil] /kwɪl/ noun 1. one of the large feathers of the wing or tail of a bird. 2. the hard, hollow, basal part of a feather. 3. a feather, as of a goose, formed into a pen for writing. 4. one of the […]

  • Quiller

    [kwil-er] /ˈkwɪl ər/ noun 1. a machine for yarn. 2. a person who operates such a machine.

  • Quillet

    [kwil-it] /ˈkwɪl ɪt/ noun, Archaic. 1. a subtlety or quibble. /ˈkwɪlɪt/ noun 1. (archaic) a quibble or subtlety n. “a quibble,” obsolete, “prob. a corruption of L. quidlibet ‘what you please’” [Klein].

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