Sir Arthur Thomas (“Q”) 1863–1944, English novelist and critic.
Historical Examples

They show (as his books scarcely show) that Mr. Quiller-Couch can feel.
The Splendid Spur Arthur T. Quiller Couch

Mr. Quiller-Couch is always at his best when describing his native county of Cornwall.
The House of Defence v. 1 E. F. Benson

Mr. Quiller-Couch is so unlike Mr. Kipling that one immediately wants to compare them.
The Splendid Spur Arthur T. Quiller Couch

Mr. Quiller-Couch almost entirely avoids such attempts, and even Mr. Conan Doyle only dips into them timidly.
The Splendid Spur Arthur T. Quiller Couch

Sir Arthur (Thomas), known as Q. 1863–1944, British critic and novelist, who edited the Oxford Book of English Verse (1900)

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