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[kan-per] /kɛ̃ˈpɛr/

a port in and the capital of Finistère, in NW France: noted for pottery manufacture.
[fin-uh-stair; French fee-nee-ster] /ˌfɪn əˈstɛər; French fi niˈstɛr/
a department in W France. 2714 sq. mi. (7030 sq. km).
Capital: Quimper.
/French kɛ̃pɛr/
a city in NW France: capital of Finistère department. Pop: 63 238 (1999)
/ˌfɪnɪˈstɛə; French finistɛr/
a department of NW France, at the tip of the Breton peninsula. Capital: Quimper. Pop: 863 798 (2003 est). Area: 7029 sq km (2741 sq miles)


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