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[kwing-kuhngks, kwin-] /ˈkwɪŋ kʌŋks, ˈkwɪn-/

an arrangement of five objects, as trees, in a square or rectangle, one at each corner and one in the middle.
Botany. an overlapping arrangement of five petals or leaves, in which two are interior, two are exterior, and one is partly interior and partly exterior.
a group of five objects arranged in the shape of a rectangle with one at each of the four corners and the fifth in the centre
(botany) a quincuncial arrangement of sepals or petals in the bud
(astrology) an aspect of 150° between two planets

1640s, originally astrological, of planetary alignments, from Latin, literally “five twelfths” (especially “five unciae,” that is, “five-twelfths of an as,” the basic unit of Roman currency), from quinque “five” (see quinque-) + uncia “ounce; a twelfth part (of anything),” related to unus “one” (see one). Applied, especially in garden design, to arrangements like the five pips on a playing card (1660s). Related: Quincuncial.


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