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[kwahy-nahyn, kwin-ahyn or, esp. British, kwi-neen] /ˈkwaɪ naɪn, ˈkwɪn aɪn or, esp. British, kwɪˈnin/

noun, Chemistry, Pharmacology.
a white, bitter, slightly water-soluble alkaloid, C 2 0 H 2 4 N 2 O 2 , having needlelike crystals, obtained from cinchona bark: used in medicine chiefly in the treatment of resistant forms of malaria.
a salt of this alkaloid, especially the sulfate.
/kwɪˈniːn; US ˈkwaɪnaɪn/
a bitter crystalline alkaloid extracted from cinchona bark, the salts of which are used as a tonic, antipyretic, analgesic, etc, and in malaria therapy. Formula: C20H24N2O2

alkaloid responsible for curative properties in the cinchona tree, 1821, from French quinine (1820), with chemical ending -ine (2) + Spanish quina “cinchona bark” (from which it is extracted), from Quechua (Peru) kina. Earlier in reduplicated form quinaquina (1727).

quinine qui·nine (kwī’nīn’)

A bitter-tasting, colorless drug derived from the bark of certain cinchona trees and used medicinally to treat malaria. For hundreds of years quinine was the only drug known to effectively combat malarial infection. It has since been largely replaced by synthetic compounds that not only relieve the symptoms of malaria but also rid the body of the malarial parasite, which quinine does not do. See Note at aspirin.


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