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[kwin-kwah-juh-ner-ee, kwing-] /kwɪnˈkwɑ dʒəˌnɛr i, kwɪŋ-/

noun, plural quinquagenaries.
a 50th anniversary.


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  • Quinquagesima

    [kwing-kwuh-jes-uh-muh, kwin-] /ˌkwɪŋ kwəˈdʒɛs ə mə, ˌkwɪn-/ noun 1. the Sunday before Lent; Shrove Sunday. /ˌkwɪŋkwəˈdʒɛsɪmə/ noun 1. the Sunday preceding Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent Also called Quinquagesima Sunday

  • Quinque

    1. a combining form meaning “five,” used in the formation of compound words: quinquevalent. combining form 1. five: quinquevalent before vowels quinqu-, word-forming element meaning “five, having five,” from Latin quinque “five,” by assimilation from PIE *penkwe (see five).

  • Quinquecentenary

    /ˌkwɪŋkwɪsɛnˈtiːnərɪ/ noun (pl) -naries 1. another name for quincentenary

  • Quinquefid

    [kwing-kwuh-fid, kwin-] /ˈkwɪŋ kwə fɪd, ˈkwɪn-/ adjective 1. cleft into five parts or lobes.

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