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[kwich] /kwɪtʃ/



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  • Quitclaim

    [kwit-kleym] /ˈkwɪtˌkleɪm/ noun, Law. 1. a transfer of all one’s interest, as in a parcel of real estate, especially without a warranty of title. verb (used with object) 2. to quit or give up claim to (a possession, right, etc.). /ˈkwɪtˌkleɪm/ noun 1. a formal renunciation of any claim against a person or of a […]

  • Quitclaim-deed

    noun, Law. 1. a deed that conveys to the grantee only such interests in property as the grantor may have, the grantee assuming responsibility for any claims brought against the property.

  • Quite

    [kwahyt] /kwaɪt/ adverb 1. completely, wholly, or entirely: quite the reverse; not quite finished. 2. actually, really, or truly: quite a sudden change. 3. to a considerable extent or degree: quite small; quite objectionable. /kwaɪt/ adverb 1. to the greatest extent; completely or absolutely: you’re quite right, quite the opposite 2. (not used with a […]

  • Quito

    [kee-taw] /ˈki tɔ/ noun 1. a city in and the capital of Ecuador, in the N part. 9348 feet (2849 meters) above sea level. [ek-wuh-dawr] /ˈɛk wəˌdɔr/ noun 1. a republic in NW South America. 109,483 sq. mi. (283,561 sq. km). Capital: Quito. /ˈkiːtəʊ; Spanish ˈkito/ noun 1. the capital of Ecuador, in the north […]

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