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[koo m-rahn] /ˈkʊm rɑn/

See Khirbet Qumran


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  • Qungur

    /ˈkʊnɡʊə/ noun 1. a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Kongur Shan

  • Quo

    [kwoh] /kwoʊ/ verb (used with object), Archaic. 1. . [in stah-too kwoh; English in stey-tyoo kwoh, stach-oo] /ɪn ˈstɑ tu ˈkwoʊ; English ɪn ˈsteɪ tyu ˈkwoʊ, ˈstætʃ u/ adverb, Latin. 1. in the state in which (anything was or is). [loh-koo s in kwoh; English loh-kuh s in kwoh] /ˈloʊ kʊs ɪn ˈkwoʊ; English ˈloʊ […]

  • Quoad-hoc

    [kwaw-ahd hohk; English kwoh-ad hok] /ˈkwɔ ɑd ˈhoʊk; English ˈkwoʊ æd ˈhɒk/ adverb, Latin. 1. as much as this; to this extent.

  • Quo-animo

    [kwoh ah-ni-moh; English kwoh an-uh-moh] /kwoʊ ˈɑ nɪˌmoʊ; English kwoʊ ˈæn əˌmoʊ/ Latin. 1. with what spirit or intention?

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