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noun, Carpentry.
a joint between rabbeted parts.


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  • Rabbet-plane

    noun, Carpentry. 1. a plane for cutting rabbets or the like, having a blade set to one side at right angles or diagonally to the direction of motion.

  • Rabbi

    [rab-ahy] /ˈræb aɪ/ noun, plural rabbis. 1. the chief religious official of a synagogue, trained usually in a theological seminary and duly ordained, who delivers the sermon at a religious service and performs ritualistic, pastoral, educational, and other functions in and related to his or her capacity as a spiritual leader of Judaism and the […]

  • Rabbin

    [rab-in] /ˈræb ɪn/ noun, Archaic. 1. 1 .

  • Rabbinate

    [rab-uh-nit, -neyt] /ˈræb ə nɪt, -ˌneɪt/ noun 1. the office or term of office of a . 2. a group of : the Orthodox rabbinate. /ˈræbɪnɪt/ noun 1. the position, function, or tenure of office of a rabbi 2. rabbis collectively n. 1702, from rabbin “rabbi” (see rabbinical) + -ate (1).

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