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Resource Access Control Facility


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    random access channel

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    =Rahab, a name found in the genealogy of our Lord (Matt. 1:5).

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    traffic, a town in the tribe of Judah, to which David sent presents from the spoils of his enemies (1 Sam. 30:29).

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    [rey-chuh l] /ˈreɪ tʃəl/ noun 1. Jacob’s favorite wife, the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Gen. 29–35. 2. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “lamb.”. noun 1. (Old Testament) (ˈreɪtʃəl). the second and best-loved wife of Jacob; mother of Joseph and Benjamin (Genesis 29–35) 2. (French) (raʃɛl). original name Elisa Félix. 1820–58, […]

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