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rachigraph ra·chi·graph (rā’kĭ-grāf’)
A graph for recording the curves of the vertebrae.


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  • Rachilla

    [ruh-kil-uh] /rəˈkɪl ə/ noun, plural rachillae [ruh-kil-ee] /rəˈkɪl i/ (Show IPA). Botany. 1. a small or secondary rachis, as the axis of a spikelet in a grass inflorescence. /rəˈkɪlə/ noun 1. (in grasses) the short stem of a spikelet that bears the florets rachilla (rə-kĭl’ə) Plural rachillae (rə-kĭl’ē) The stalk that bears the florets in […]

  • Rachilysis

    rachilysis ra·chil·y·sis (rā-kĭl’ĭ-sĭs, rə-) n. Forcible correction of lateral curvature of the spine by lateral pressure against the convexity of the curve.

  • Rachio-

    also rhachio-, before vowels rachi-, word-forming element meaning “spinal,” from Greek rhakhis “spine, ridge, rib of a leaf.” Cf. Greek rhakhos “thorn hedge.” rachio- or rachi- pref. Spine; spinal: rachiometer.

  • Rachiocentesis

    rachiocentesis ra·chi·o·cen·te·sis (rā’kē-ō-sěn-tē’sĭs) n. See lumbar puncture.

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