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[rey-see] /ˈreɪ si/

adjective, racier, raciest.
slightly improper or indelicate; suggestive; risqué.
vigorous; lively; spirited.
sprightly; piquant; pungent:
a racy literary style.
having an agreeably peculiar taste or flavor, as wine, fruit, etc.
adjective racier, raciest
(of a person’s manner, literary style, etc) having a distinctively lively and spirited quality; fresh
having a characteristic or distinctive flavour: a racy wine
suggestive; slightly indecent; risqué: a racy comedy

1650s, “having a characteristic taste” (of wines, fruits, etc.), from race (n.2) in its older sense of “flavor” or in the sense “class of wines” + -y (2); meaning “having a quality of vigor” (1660s) led to that of “improper, risqué,” first recorded 1901, probably reinforced by phrase racy of the soil “earthy” (1870). Related: Racily; raciness.


Somewhat indecent; raunchy: The movie has a lot of racy dialogue (1901+)


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