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Radial extensor muscle of wrist

radial extensor muscle of wrist n.


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  • Radial flexor muscle of wrist

    radial flexor muscle of wrist n. A muscle with its origin from the humerus, with insertion to the second and third metacarpal bones, with nerve supply from the median nerve, and whose action flexes and abducts the wrist towards the radius.

  • Radial growth phase

    radial growth phase n. The early pattern of growth of cutaneous malignant melanoma in which tumor cells spread laterally into the epidermis.

  • Radial index artery

    radial index artery n. An artery with its origin in the radial artery and with distribution to the radial side of the index finger.

  • Radially

    [rey-dee-uh l] /ˈreɪ di əl/ adjective 1. arranged like radii or rays. 2. having spokes, bars, lines, etc., arranged like radii, as a machine. 3. made in the direction of a radius; going from the center outward or from the circumference inward along a radius: a radial cut. 4. Zoology. pertaining to structures that radiate […]

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