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Radiant exitance

the ability of a surface to emit radiation expressed as the radiant flux emitted per unit area at a specified point on the surface Me


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  • Radiant-flux

    noun, Physics. 1. the time rate of flow of radiant energy. noun 1. the rate of flow of energy as radiation. It is measured in watts Φe

  • Radiant-heat

    noun, Thermodynamics. 1. heat energy transmitted by electromagnetic waves in contrast to heat transmitted by conduction or convection. noun 1. heat transferred in the form of electromagnetic radiation rather than by conduction or convection; infrared radiation

  • Radiant-heating

    noun 1. the means of heating objects or persons by radiation in which the intervening air is not heated. 2. a system for heating by radiation from a surface, especially from a surface heated by means of electric resistance, hot water, etc. noun 1. a system of heating a building by radiant heat emitted from […]

  • Radiant intensity

    noun 1. a measure of the amount of radiation emitted from a point expressed as the radiant flux per unit solid angle leaving this source Ie

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