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the patronage of extremists or left-wing radicals by rich or famous people, as through invitations to social functions or public expressions of support.

the adoption of radical views, dress, or lifestyle by members of the upper class; association of the upper class with radicals


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  • Radical-empiricism

    noun 1. (in the philosophy of William James) the doctrine that the only proper subject matter of philosophy is that which can be defined in terms of experience, and that relations are a part of experience. 2. (def 3b).

  • Radical-expression

    noun, Mathematics. 1. an expression in which radical signs appear.

  • Radical hysterectomy

    radical hysterectomy n. Complete surgical removal of the uterus, upper vagina, and parametrium.

  • Radical ion

    noun any free radical species that carries an electrical charge Examples Radical ions are encountered in organic chemistry as reactive intermediates. Word Origin 1963 Usage Note chemistry

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