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[rey-dee-oh-tel-uh-fohn] /ˌreɪ di oʊˈtɛl əˌfoʊn/

a in which sound or speech is transmitted by means of radio waves instead of through wires or cables.
verb (used with or without object), radiotelephoned, radiotelephoning.
to by radiotelephony.
Also called radiophone, wireless telephone. a device for communication by means of radio waves rather than by transmitting along wires or cables
to telephone (a person) by radiotelephone

1900, from radio (n.) + telephone (n.).


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    [rey-dee-oh-tuh-lef-uh-nee] /ˌreɪ di oʊ təˈlɛf ə ni/ noun 1. the constructing or operating of radiotelephones.

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    [rey-dee-oh-tel-i-tahyp] /ˌreɪ di oʊˈtɛl ɪˌtaɪp/ noun 1. Also called radioteletypewriter [rey-dee-oh-tel-i-tahyp-rahy-ter, -tel-i-tahyp-rahy-] /ˌreɪ di oʊˌtɛl ɪˈtaɪpˌraɪ tər, -ˈtɛl ɪ taɪpˌraɪ-/ (Show IPA). a teletypewriter equipped for transmitting or receiving messages by radio instead of wire. 2. the equipment relating to transmission by radioteletypes, taken as a whole. /ˌreɪdɪəʊˈtɛlɪˌtaɪp/ noun 1. a teleprinter that transmits or […]

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