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a small radio receiver fitted with a buzzer to alert a person to telephone their home, office, etc, to receive a message


Read Also:

  • Radiopathology

    radiopathology ra·di·o·pa·thol·o·gy (rā’dē-ō-pā-thŏl’ə-jē) n. A branch of radiology or pathology dealing with effects of radioactive substances on cells and tissues.

  • Radiopelvimetry

    radiopelvimetry ra·di·o·pel·vim·e·try (rā’dē-ō-pěl-vĭm’ĭ-trē) n. Measurement of the pelvis by radiography.

  • Radiophare

    [rey-dee-oh-fair] /ˈreɪ di oʊˌfɛər/ noun 1. a radiotelegraphic station used by vessels to determine their positions; radio beacon.

  • Radiopharmaceutical

    [rey-dee-oh-fahr-muh-soo-ti-kuh l] /ˌreɪ di oʊˌfɑr məˈsu tɪ kəl/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. any of a number of radioactive drugs used diagnostically or therapeutically. radiopharmaceutical ra·di·o·phar·ma·ceu·ti·cal (rā’dē-ō-fär’mə-sōō’tĭ-kəl) n. A radioactive compound used in diagnostiis or therapy. ra’di·o·phar’ma·ceu’ti·cal adj.

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