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[rey-diks] /ˈreɪ dɪks/

noun, plural radices
[rad-uh-seez, rey-duh-] /ˈræd əˌsiz, ˈreɪ də-/ (Show IPA), radixes.
Mathematics. a number taken as the base of a system of numbers, logarithms, or the like.
Anatomy, Botany. a root; radicle.
noun (pl) -dices (-dɪˌsiːz), -dixes
(maths) any number that is the base of a number system or of a system of logarithms: 10 is the radix of the decimal system
(biology) the root or point of origin of a part or organ
(linguistics) a less common word for root1 (sense 9)

radix ra·dix (rā’dĭks)
n. pl. ra·dix·es or rad·i·ces (rād’ĭ-sēz’, rā’dĭ-)
The primary or beginning portion of a part or organ, as of a nerve at its origin from the brainstem or spinal cord.
Plural radices (rād’ĭ-sēz’, rā’dĭ-) or radixes

The ratio, R, between the weights of adjacent digits in positional representation of numbers. The right-most digit has weight one, the digit to its left has weight R, the next R^2, R^3, etc. The radix also determines the set of digits which is zero to R-1. E.g. decimal (radix ten) uses 0-9 and each digit is worth ten times as much as you move left along the number.


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