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[rag-pik-er] /ˈrægˌpɪk ər/

a person who picks up and other waste material from the streets, refuse heaps, etc., for a livelihood.


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  • Rag-rolling

    noun 1. a decorating technique in which paint is applied with a roughly folded cloth in order to create a marbled effect

  • Rags

    [rag] /ræg/ noun 1. a worthless piece of cloth, especially one that is torn or worn. 2. rags, ragged or tattered clothing: The tramp was dressed in rags. 3. any article of apparel regarded deprecatingly or self-deprecatingly, especially a dress: It’s just an old rag I had in the closet. 4. a shred, scrap, or […]

  • Rag-rug

    noun 1. a rug, often multicolored, made of rags or strips of fabric woven or stitched together.

  • Ragstone

    /ˈræɡˌstəʊn/ noun 1. a hard sandstone or limestone, esp when used for building Also called rag, ragg

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