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a fence made of rails resting on crossed stakes or across one another at an angle.


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  • Rail gauge

    noun 1. See gauge (sense 11)

  • Rail-gun

    noun 1. a weapon consisting of a pair of parallel conductive rails, using a magnetic field and electric current to launch projectiles at very high velocity.

  • Railing

    [rey-ling] /ˈreɪ lɪŋ/ noun 1. a fencelike barrier composed of one or more horizontal supported by widely spaced uprights; balustrade. 2. . 3. collectively. [reyl] /reɪl/ noun 1. a bar of wood or metal fixed horizontally for any of various purposes, as for a support, barrier, fence, or . 2. a fence; . 3. one […]

  • Raillery

    [rey-luh-ree] /ˈreɪ lə ri/ noun, plural railleries. 1. good-humored ridicule; banter. 2. a bantering remark. /ˈreɪlərɪ/ noun (pl) -leries 1. light-hearted satire or ridicule; banter 2. an example of this, esp a bantering remark n. “good-humored ridicule,” 1650s, from rail (v.) + -ery, or perhaps from French raillerie, from Middle French railler “to tease” (see […]

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